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Direct Service Area: The Kids’ FIRST Center serves Lane County, Oregon, a county approximately the same size as the state of Connecticut. Lane County is economically and geographically diverse, and reaches from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Mountains. Major urban areas served include Eugene and Springfield.

Regional Service Area: Kids’ FIRST provides regional services as defined by statute to Coos, Douglas and Lane County Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Intervention Team (MDT) members. Those services include forensic interview and medical assessment training and peer review and support, complex case consultation, and technical assistance.

Staff: Kids’ FIRST has 10 full time staff. See our “Staff Bios” page for details!

Service Partners: The Kids’ FIRST Center receives children upon referral from 10 law enforcement agencies, the Department of Human Services Child Welfare Program and the Lane County District Attorney’s Office.

On-site Services:

  • Interviews: Video-recorded forensic interviews of children reporting sexual or physical abuse and/or neglect, and child witnesses of domestic violence and other violent crimes, are conducted at the Center.
  • Medical examinations: Forensic medical examinations of children are conducted at the Center to assess child abuse for medical and legal follow-up.
  • Lane County Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Team (MDT): The Center houses, facilitates and chairs the Lane County MDT. The MDT consists of law enforcement, medical, child protection, school, legal and social services personnel, and Center staff. The team adopts policy changes and performs case review.
  • Grand jury: The Center is the site of Lane County’s specially convened grand jury for child abuse cases.
  • Victim assistance: Volunteers advocate for victims and non-offending parents and guardians from disclosure until no further services are needed.
  • Parent Education Support Group: The Center offers a weekly education and support group (6-week program). Mental health professionals meet with non-offending parents and guardians of victims in the evening at the Center. The group discusses trauma response and educates on self-care and system issues regarding child sex abuse. The Center provides childcare and transportation for the group.
  • Regional services: Kids’ FIRST is responsible for providing regional services as described in statute to Coos, Douglas and Lane County MDTs.
  • Lane County Child Fatality Review Team: The Center houses and facilitates this team, which meets up to twice annually to review all unexpected child deaths and reports findings to the state.
  • Training: Center staff — often in partnership with law enforcement agencies, the District Attorney’s Office, and medical and Department of Human Services Child Welfare Program personnel — provide general and specific training regarding interviews, medical examinations, victim services, MDT issues and other legal information to police, social services, mental health providers, medical care providers and school personnel.
  • Public education: Center staff provide education to the general public, service clubs, university and community college audiences, and other interested groups.