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Nichole Satterwhite, MS
Lead Forensic Interviewer
  • Lead Forensic Interviewer

Nichole Satterwhite has been the lead forensic interviewer and regional coordinator at Kids’ FIRST since spring 2010. Nichole participated in statewide development of forensic interviewer standards, including revising the 2012 Oregon Interviewing Guidelines and developing the 2013 Oregon Child Forensic Interviewer Training curriculum. She currently provides local and statewide training in forensic interviewing, child development and topics related to child abuse.

Originally from the state of Washington, Nichole began her career in 2000 as a probation officer and volunteer with CASA. She later moved to Arizona, where she became an investigator for the Department of Economic Security’s Child Protective Services Division, investigating alleged instances of child sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect and drug-endangerment, and providing services to families. From 2006 to 2010, Nichole worked as a forensic interviewer for the Pinal County Attorney’s Family Advocacy Center, where she performed interviews with children and adult victims of abuse.

Nichole earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Justice from Central Washington University in 2000, and she received a Master’s of Science degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Child and Adolescent Development from Capella University in 2011.