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Medical Director

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Board Members

Roger Cox

Roger Cox
Former President and CEO, Selectemp

The work done and service provided to helpless victims is vital to this community. It has been said that Kids’ FIRST is where ‘justice is served, and healing begins’.  There are many in our community that claim victim status, but I believe that children who are dependent upon their parents are ‘true victims’, when that adult lets them down.  We must stand in the gap when there is a child in need.


Kathy Gregory


Kathy Gregory
Program Manager, Palo Alto Software

I am proud to serve on the board of such a vital organization as Kids’ FIRST.  I continue to be impressed by the passion and drive of the staff and the broad scope of the organization as a whole.  I know Lane County is a better place because of Kids’ FIRST.




Jim Howard


Jim Howard, Ph.D. 

Vice President & Solutions Provider, Performance Resources, Inc.





Ingrid Kessler

J. Ingrid Kessler D.V.M.
DVM/CEO Emergency Veterinary Hospital, Eugene/Springfield

We are here for the children of our community when they need us the most.  We provide a standard of excellence in serving children with the physical, social, legal and emotional support they need during the most trying of life events.  With kindness, compassion, and the professional expertise of our staff, we minimize the impact of the negative events these children have experienced and open new, much better doors for their future. I can’t think of anything more important.  Our mission is vital to many individuals personally and to our community at large.


Jason Kunz


Jason Kunz
VP Operations, Feynman Group Inc.

I firmly believe that we can directly impact children’s lives in our community by bringing awareness, raising funds and providing excellent collaboration between teams that work on these difficult issues. As a father of two it pains me to see how many kids need our services, but I am proud to be part of something that is changing lives.



Bonnie Larson


Bonnie Larson
Momentum Marketing

I believe every child deserves to thrive in their home and community. Kids’ FIRST’s mission is important to me because they provide protection and nurturing when children need it most allowing them to grow into productive, community-minded citizens.




Pam Morris
Licensed Relationship Manager at Key Bank and Former Victim Advocate

I became a volunteer Victim Advocate before the Center opened. Helping the traumatized child victims & their supportive family members through the system was horrific. The intervention & advocacy our Center provides has a huge impact on how all of those affected are cared for.





David Mort
Director of Kaizen, Coaching, and Education, Hawes Financial Group







Chris Parra


Chris Parra
Bethel School District Superintendent

Kids FIRST makes a difference in the lives of children.  As an educator of 27 years, I am unfortunately very aware of the need for the Kids’ FIRST Center. I am proud of the exceptional quality of service that Kids’ FIRST staff and its agency partners provide in delivering the best quality care and advocacy to children and families. One day however, I hope there is no need for our services. That will be a great day indeed for children.


Patty Perlow


Patty Perlow
 Lane County District Attorney

The mission of Kids‘ FIRST is important to me because it is our responsibility to support and protect our most vulnerable members of our community and to hold those accountable who would subject our most vulnerable members of our community to harm.






Rich Snider


Richard Snider
Kiwanis Club Member, Business Owner






Laura Harris, JD Contracts Officer, University of Oregon