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The following are stories of children who have visited Kids’ FIRST Center reader discretion is advised:

I am 2 years old…..My daycare provider noticed some purple bruises all over my body. I am too little to really tell her what happened, other than “my daddy spanked my ass”. My 4-year-old sister said that my daddy threw me down on the floor and hit me with a belt all over my body. Daddy tried to tell the police that I fell on some rocks…..

I am 9 years old…..On my birthday we had a party and invited my friends from the neighborhood. We were playing in the front yard when we heard yelling, so I opened the door and my friend and I peeked into the house. We saw my mom’s boyfriend push her so that she fell backwards over a chair. Then he dragged her from the kitchen to the living room. He called her “psycho” and “a lot of curse words.” When he saw that we were watching, he stopped. I saw that my mom had cuts on her arms and I think she hit her head on the fireplace…..


I am 4 years old…..Something yucky happened to me, I was brave and I told my Mommy and Daddy. A church member was staying at our home and he asked me to keep a secret. He wanted me to suck on his pee-pee and it was gross. I told my Mommy and Daddy and they called the police. I got to talk to some nice people at Kids’ FIRST about what happened with the man. I feel better now because he is gone and I am safe…..


I am 8 years old…..I have a secret and I am not supposed to tell anyone. I had to tell my best friend because I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore. I feel that there is something wrong with me. Is it normal for my step-father to touch my body that way? It feels weird and it feels wrong. He told me if I tell I will be in trouble just as much as him and that my Mother would hate me…..


I am 6 years old…..My teachers noticed bruising on my face; I was told not to tell anyone and if anyone asked, I was told to tell them I was wrestling with my father. The doctor said that the bruises on my head, face, forehead, and cheek were most likely caused by being punched a lot. What could I have done so wrong to deserve such a beating from my father?


I am 6 years old…I had to go to the emergency room last night to get staples in my head. It wasn’t from playing, but because my dad got mad at me when I didn’t want to put my pajamas on. He always throws me when he gets mad at me, or slaps my legs or squeezes my arms. He tells me when I get hurt these are just accidents…..


I am 14 years old…..My older brother is always being mean to my mom, calling her names and yelling at her. One day, they were arguing because he skipped school, and I saw him punch her in the side of the head. He knocked her out; she didn’t know who I was and she was going in and out of consciousness. Mom was in my arms on the floor and she started spitting up white spit. My sisters were crying their heads off, so I tried to calm them down and make sure my mom didn’t fall asleep. My dad came home and called the police, who arrested my brother, and we took my mom to the hospital…..


I am 4 years old…..I told mommy that daddy had me “suck on him” when I was taking a bath. I also told her that me and my sister would have “pee-pee” time with him. We would touch mine and daddy’s “pee-pee” during this game. Daddy told me not to tell or a little police car would come and take me away to a kid jail. My mommy took me to meet the people at Kids’ FIRST and I told them my story. I am glad that mommy told; I didn’t want to play “pee-pee” time anymore. Mommy promised that she would keep me safe. Thanks to the help of my Victim Advocate and Child Welfare, she was awarded full custody and I am safe.


I am 13 years old…..My dad and I just got into a fight over one of my friends. During the fight I went into my room and locked the door so I didn’t have to hear my dad yelling at me anymore. My dad got even angrier, broke down my door, and charged at me. He started punching me with his fist in the mouth while his other hand was around my neck. Mom tried to get dad off of me, but he threw her down onto the ground. Eventually I was able to squirm away, but as I did he kicked me and threw me out of the house. I was scared and ran away. I had a bruised lip and knee and scratches on my face. This isn’t the first time he has abused me. The police came and my dad was found guilty of Assault IV. He spent two days in jail and had 24 months of supervised probation…..